Farragut Films

Established in 2004, Washington, DC-based Farragut Films Inc. specializes in producing feature-length films, vignettes, trailers, and others videos in a variety of genres. We have established partnerships with other film companies, to include CGI, special effects, make-up effects, sound mix/effects, musical scores/soundtracks, and specialized post-production work. Farragut Films has studios in the greater Washington , DC metropolitan area, and Kingsland, GA.

Our primary project, STARSHIP FARRAGUT is based on the original series of Star Trek, and entails a new crew with new adventures. The project showcases film shoots, physical sets, and digital technology that may rival that seen in both episodic television and motion pictures today. Due to the licensing and copyright rules governing Star Trek, Farragut Films cannot generate revenue from the Starship Farragut project. This award-winning series is free for download at www.starshipfarragut.com.

Another one of our projects, STARSHIP POLARIS is an original, science fiction film effort conceived by Dennis Bailey.  Farragut Films is working in association with United Worlds Entertainment on this film project.

We are in pre-production of a new webseries entitled, Star Trek Continues, which stars Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, and Chuck Huber.  We expect to be filming at our Studio 2 facility in March/April timeframe.